Sample Programs


Queens and Harlots
Repertoire Examples: Maria Stuart Lieder (Schumann) Try Me, Good King: The Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII (L. Larsen) Brettl-Lieder (Schoenberg) Nanna’s Lied (Weill) Adulteress (Muhly)
Program could include projections of historical Oigures.

Cabaret Evening
Brettl-Lieder (Schoenberg) Cabaret Songs (W. Bolcom) Minicabs (W. Bolcom) Songs by Kurt Weill
Songs of Cole Porter, Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, etc.

Literature in Song
Repertoire Example: Charles Ives setting Thoreau and Emerson

Playwrights in Song
Repertoire Example: Various setting of Tennessee Williams and William Shakespeare, among others Poulenc’s La voix humaine the play by Jean Cocteau

Poets in Song
Focus on poets from different countries who were writing at the same time, i.e. Verlaine and Baudelaire/Mörike and Keller/Dickenson and Emerson/Blake and Shelley


Series: Seasons in Song (song suggestions—would be pared down)

Spring Song (Ives) Rough Wind (Ives) The night of frost in May (Ives) Frühlingslied (Mendelssohn) Frühlingsnacht (Schumann) Er ist’s (Schumann) Frühlingsglaube (Schubert) Er ist’s (Wolf) Spring Waters (Rachmaninoff) Die Mainacht (Brahms) Le printemps (Debussy) Dear March, Come in (Copland) Våren (Grieg)

Blauer Sommer (Strauss) August (Ives) Feldeinsamkeit (Ives) Summer Schemes (Finzi) Summer Schemes (Ireland) The Last Rose of Summer (???) Stars of the Summer Night (Tosti) Summer Moon (Tosti)
Les Nuits d’été (Berlioz) Dans l’été (Hahn) Die Sommernacht D. 289b (Schubert) Die Sommernacht (Hensel) Die Sommernacht (Gluck) Blaue Sommernacht (A. Mahler) Voyage d’éte (Milhaud) Love calls through the summer night (Quilter)

Now the leaves are falling fast (Britten) Autumn Leaves (Doris Day version) September Song, (Weill) September (Strauss) September (Ives) Autumn (Ives) Die Herbstnacht D. 404 (Schubert) Der Herbstabend D. 405 (Schubert) Erntelied D. 434 (Schubert) Automne (Fauré) Erntelied (Mahler) Chansons d’automne (Hahn) Autumn Song (Sibelius)

Blow now winter wind (various settings) Schlechtes Wetter (Strauss) Winterliebe, Op. 15 (Strauss) Winternacht (Strauss) Winterreise (Strauss) Winterweihe (Strauss) Diamonds in the Snow (Sibelius) March Snow (Sibelius) Vendor’s song (Blitzstein) Winter (Argento) Selections from Winterreise i.e. Gefrorene Tränen (Schubert) Selections Winter Words i.e. At day-close in November (Britten) Cirque D’hiver (Harbison) December 1 (Harbison) Winterlied D. 401 (Schubert) D’anne qui me jecta de la neige (Ravel) Noël des enfants qui n’ont plus de maisons (Debussy)

Women on the Edge
Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation (Purcell) Als Louise die Briefe (Mozart) Mignon (Wolf) Suleika (Schubert)
Gretchen am Spinnrade (Schubert) La Dame de Monte Carlo (Poulenc) Anne Boleyn (Larsen) Katherine Howard (Larsen)
Final Monologue from Master Class (Heggie) Tom Cipullo Adulteress (Muhly) Ice Cube Song
Craig’s List Lieder Chanson D’eve (Fauré) La mort d’Ophélie (Berlioz)

Repertoire chosen to showcase intimate portraits of people i.e. La Dame de Monte Carlo (Poulenc)

Food and Drink
La Bonne Cuisine (Bernstein) Lime Jello Marshmellow Cottage Cheese Surprise (Bolcom) Taylor the Latte Boy
If Music Be the Food of Love (Purcell) Tipsy Aria from La Périchole (Offenbach) Rossini Songs Ladies who lunch (Sondheim) La Dame de Monte Carlo (Poulenc)

Art in Music
How has art affected song?

Folk Songs
Repertoire Examples: Copland, Britten, among others

Songs about Spirituality
Aaron Copland Charles Ives Maurice Ravel